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Image of three generations of Black Trans women sitting on the front steps of a burgundy home. Strong, yellow sunlight illuminates the scene. The central adult woman has her chin raised defiantly, meeting the light of the sun. An elder with grey locs sits behind her, braiding her hair. To their right is a young child peering at the women with excited curiosity.

We Have Never Asked Permission

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'I Float in a Flesh that Defies Taxonomy. Erases Binaries' is a cut paper layered work that features a nonbinary child that cannot be defined by any categories. The child's brown skin is adorned in gold and their tentacles curl around themselves instead of legs. They are floated amongst a cluster of water lilies that all gently encompass the child in their light green, bright orange, and gold foliage.

I am a New Spirit Born from a Change in Melody

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Digital illustration of a large Black trans mother deity tenderly consoling a trans youth. The deity has a halo and is wearing a hooded purple cloak with patterns of animals, plants, insects, totems and magic swirls. Her large blue hands support a glowing pink circle of healing light around the head of the trans youth. The youth has their chin raised and their eyes closed, and wears a blouse and single hoop earring. Yellow text says 'Divine Love Is Our Birthright' against a starry black background.

Divine Love Is Our Birthright

We Have Never Asked Permission To Sing: Poetry Celebrating Trans Resilience

We Have Never Asked Permission to Sing

Poetry celebrating trans resilience

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