The future is whatever we name ourselves. Watch our words bloom into worlds.

Collaborative Poem

Say goodbye to the time when gender was policed and binaries ruled our lives. That world, unstable and doomed to dust, has fallen. What will we build atop the bones? What abundance waits in our future, when trans people of color are safe and free?

An exquisite corpse is a collaborative poem created one line at a time. Participants composed a single line seeing only the opening of “Beyond Resilience” and responding to the last line contributed. Submissions closed on Friday, December 4 2020. Here is the poem in its full radiance.

  • Where we’re going, we can breathe. Safe in public. Safe at home.
  • We can live out our dreams, not stuck on survival.
  • Clean water flowing free. Prisons defunct, abandoned.
  • Trans and cherished. Trans and central. Healers, artists, leaders.
  • Forgiveness, empathy, and love. The world we have to imagine,
  • our genders exist before and beyond
  • your borders, surveillance, and control
  • Trans and loved.
  • darling do not fret. we weren't born for nothing. we were born to be creators
  • Trans and powerful, thriving in a community that welcomes.
  • Trans and fighting for Jews, people of colour, mad people and crips
  • A community grown with love and admiration
  • We exist in it like flowers, watered with anger tears but nurtured with mutual love
  • Accepting perspectives, sharing privilege, embracing identity, supporting humanity
  • Truth is a carapace from the thorns of ignorance; we understand our strength and celebrate it.
  • where we're going, there are no limits. we are without fear, without chains, without doubt.
  • We speak our feelings and care for our bodies, shea butter rubbed, and filled with water
  • Trauma is not our name. Survived is not our identity. The future is unbound, the chains are broken.
  • Free movement for all the Black trans disabled femmes. May you move unfettered, Flying on the wind of your own deep breath.
  • Truth is the fire in our throats, dragon-born, we burn down cities and warm our young
  • We are not limited by transits and portals. We exist out of time and out of place, but perfectly whole.
  • Wanting to be loved, held, pleasured, nurtured, adored, protected, I want these, I need these, I DESERVE these.
  • Perfectly whole, with bodies which defy definition, defy standards, embrace fantasy and reality, embrace each other


Trans People Exist in the Future: A Zine of Art + Poetry Celebrating Trans Resilience

Trans People Exist in the Future

Trans people of color deserve a world of safety, support and love. Imagine this world through our collection of original art and poetry. Free to download, the zine includes ten poems, selected art from seven years of the Trans Day of Resilience art project, and prompts to fuel your own dreaming.