Amir Khadar

Amir Khadar is a Sierra Leonean-American multidisciplinary artist and educator from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their main mediums are digital art, writing, and fiber art. Regardless of the outlet, their practice has always been grounded through afro-futurism, black beauty, and ancestral practices. They have done extensive work with the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, Forward Together, Parenting for liberation, and Wakanda Dream Lab. Amir is currently a student at Swarthmore College.
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Art Twink

Art Twink grew up drawing critters they thought up to comfort themselves and their friends, and that mission continues to this very day. Through themes of queer pride, disability justice & decolonization they work to create worlds where marginalized folks can feel celebrated.
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Colin Laurel

Colin Laurel is a Black trans illustrator working in editorial, licensing, posters, and social justice. Throughout his work, he explores identity, culture, mental health and advocates for self-help through making art. Colin hopes that his practice will inspire others to use creative solutions as a means for therapy and liberation. He has worked with Adobe, the New York Times, Icebreaker, Media Res Studio, UC Berkeley, Poetry Foundation, and organizations such as Forward Together, Trans Justice Funding Project, and the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights. He lives in Portland and adores his cat.
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Glori Tuitt

Glori Tuitt is a Painter and Illustrator based in the Bronx, New York. A graduate from Purchase College with her B.F.A in Painting + Drawing her work focuses on the intersections of race, religion and pop culture in relation to the cultivation of identity. She is dedicated to the centering of Black trans bodies in the arts, hoping that her practice will return rightful ownership of the trans form. Ultimately seeking to both deify and humanize the Black trans experience.
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Kah Yangni is a self-taught illustrator and muralist living in Philadelphia, PA. They make heartfelt art about justice, queerness, and joy. Their clients include the New York Times, Vice, BUST Magazine, the Movement for Black Lives, Rock the Vote, the National Women’s Law Center, the Transgender Law Center, and others. They've presented their work for the Poster House in NYC and the RISD Museum, and their work has been featured in Them, Bustle, Hyperallergic, and Colorlines.
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