Illustration of a crowd of trans and non-binary people of color of different races, abilities, sizes and genders. They are dancing, resting, talking and being together and wearing bright pink and purple outfits. Text says “We Survive So We Can Thrive”

We Survive So We Can Thrive

“Far too often QTBIPOC lose sight of why we strive to survive. Since survival takes up so much of our physical and mental energy, it's easy to forget why we do it in the first place. We don't survive for the sake of survival. On the contrary, we survive in order to prosper as individuals, as a community, and as an idea. We survive today to thrive tomorrow. Not only will we thrive, so will those who come after. So here is to not forgetting why it's worth it.” —Art Twink

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About the Artist:

Art Twink grew up drawing critters they thought up to comfort themselves and their friends, and that mission continues to this very day. Through themes of queer pride, disability justice & decolonization they work to create worlds where marginalized folks can feel celebrated.
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