Artwork: We Are The Blessed Ones by Art Twink

We Are The Blessed Ones

11x17" poster

by Art Twink, in collaboration with poet xoài phạm. Hear the poem that goes with this image.

On their collaboration, the artist and poet wrote: As trans people of color, we rarely get a moment to play. To laugh. To relax. To enjoy ourselves and each other. We rarely are given relief from the constant possibility of assault. The news that swallows us all year round rings of Black trans femmes being murdered gruesomely. In our process together, we wanted to center joy: the joy of sisterhood, of relationships among trans people, and of love. Our art speaks to the deep love that carries on lineages of trans brilliance, whether our bodies are living or dead.

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About the Artist:

Art Twink grew up drawing critters they thought up to comfort themselves and their friends, and that mission continues to this very day. Through themes of queer pride, disability justice & decolonization they work to create worlds where marginalized folks can feel celebrated.
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