Illustration with the text: “Trans People Exist in the Future” against a brightly colored pink, purple and orange background with stars and clouds. Below are silhouettes of trees and two Black trans kids looking up at the sky. One holds binoculars and one has a glowing red heart in their chest.

Trans People Exist In The Future

11x17" poster

“I like making art that has starry skies because I associate starscapes with being extremely old but also with the future and everything undiscovered that we don't yet know. I wanted this poster to be a reminder of the way that trans people are like that. No matter what happens, we're part of nature, we've been here and we'll continue to be here.” —Kah Yangni

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About the Artist:

Kah Yangni is a self-taught illustrator and muralist living in Philadelphia, PA. They make heartfelt art about justice, queerness, and joy. Their clients include the New York Times, Vice, BUST Magazine, the Movement for Black Lives, Rock the Vote, the National Women’s Law Center, the Transgender Law Center, and others. They’ve presented their work for the Poster House in NYC and the RISD Museum, and their work has been featured in Them, Bustle, Hyperallergic, and Colorlines.
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