Cut paper and collage poster with a yellow and orange background and large text that reads: “trans is freedom, is adventure, is endless!” Two people are in a small sailboat on the water, and one of them looks into the distance through a telescope. We see the head and shoulders of a large figure in the clouds, wearing a baseball cap with a Puerto Rican flag, and looking down at the sailboat. Brightly colored clouds, a sun, and a golden comet surround them.


By Kah Yangni with poetry by Vita E.

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At first, we came up with the idea to do something that connected the trans people that came before us and the free trans people we imagined existing in the future. It became important to us both to honor the path we were on, one that had been paved with so much of our history. Both of our processes took new shape as we began.

As the writing process began, the project as a whole became harder to do — not because of the subject, but because of the societal differences happening so violently. It was so hard to imagine a world where we’ve won, given all the death we’ve come to know for his year. But Kemi’s guidance led Vita to the idea of exploring our present in relation to how far we’ve come.

So Vita’s piece became less about how we’ve “won,” but more about how we’re winning, and honoring what it took to make it here.

As Kah’s visual piece developed, it became more about the adventure and freedom and creativity that is already a part of being trans.

Our work has the feeling of “outside the box” dreaming that’s manifested itself in our present day, not forsaking the past as forgotten, but honoring it as tribute to the magick we’ve created.

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About the Artist:

Kah Yangni is a screenprinter, illustrator, and muralist living in Philadelphia. They make heartfelt art about justice, queerness, and joy. Kah’s artistic mission is to heal themself and others by making art that focuses on radical optimism, and the chance we have to make the world a better place.
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