Digital illustration of three trans women of color against a pink background, with text “Everyday Heros” at the top. A Black trans woman in a wheelchair proudly holds a waving transgender flag, a Muslim trans woman of color in a gold hijab holds up a rose, and a Black woman holds up a sign that says: “Trans Liberation”. They are surrounded by mountains, flowers, stars, and a river flowing into a wave.

Everyday Heroes

By Shea Coco with poetry by xoài phạm.

Every day, trans femmes are told that we are unnatural. That we don’t belong in this world. Governments and people target us to tear down our bodies and spirits, to remove us from this world.

What we know is that trans femmes are nature itself. We have always been here, whether we’ve called ourselves trans or not. We’ve gone by many names and have played sacred roles in our communities across the world and throughout time. We are everyday heroes because we are still here. We are stewarding the movements that transform our world. Our resilience, imagination, love, and compassion is that of the natural world. We are in the trees, the wind, the stars.

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About the Artist:

Shea Coco is a non-binary Chicanx artist. They were born and raised in Southern California. Their main focus is in Graphic Design and Illustration. Through the years they have made many different pieces and promotional art for different organizations and events. They also run and own an art magazine that helps to promote POC artists from the barrios around the world. As a hobby, they are also an avid collector of Vinyl records. From time to time, they have DJ’d many events for LGBTQ folks in the L.A. area.