Artwork: Black Trans Lives Matter by Kosmo X Parker

Black Trans Lives Matter

By Ethan X Parker in collaboration with BreakOUT!
11x17" poster
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About the Artist:

Ethan X. Parker is a community-taught visual artist living and working in Seattle. They are the author of ‘Unclear,’ an autobiographical comic featured in the Ignatz Award winning Outstanding Anthology, ‘We’re Still Here’ and ‘Solidarity Cafe,’ the featured comic in the Black Girl Dangerous collection ‘The Solidarity Struggle.’ Their artistic journey began on Tumblr in the winter of 2014 as a means of coping with mental illness, gender identity, and navigating the world in a queer, Black, trans body. Since then, Ethan has worked with Forward Together, Huffington Post, CultureStrike, Logo TV, and national non-profit organizations to create visual noise loud enough to disrupt cyberspaces while drawing attention to relevant social movements.
Ethan is a geeky human at heart who loves to read slice-of-life comics, play video games, and make up silly songs on the guitar.