Micah Bazant

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“How do we find the keys to love ourselves, to love each other? To fight for home in our bodies and our neighborhoods, against the tides of psychic and physical displacement? Against white supremacy and transmisogyny? How do we remember that we are stars and we can reimagine the world? I had the honor of engaging these questions with Audre Lorde Project and this is what we made.”

Audre Lorde Project

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“I think the ALP members are going to be emotional when they see this sketch and see themselves reflected back. I’m getting emotional typing this because no one ever asks TGNC folks about our futures or sustainability. So much of the time it’s about how our bodies and our narratives could used for tokenism and proximity, or to calm folks’ selfish fear of being read as transphobic or not “woke.” This image, on the other hand, is beautiful. ALP members trust my vision and trust your work, and they have loved being part of this project.” ~Jamal, Organizer, Audre Lorde Project

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