Matice Moore

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Brainstorming with GJLA inspired me to explore how we could represent trans justice, solidarity across gender expressions, and to explore how masculinity/gender non-conformity can embrace femininity as resistance to trans misogyny.

We came up with the phrase “Armed and Ready,” which we understood to be a commonly known violent/aggressive phrase that we wanted to express as supportive and loving and yet still urgent. We also discussed having nature elements in the piece, the ancestors, Black/Brown solidarity, and the world we’re creating.

This piece attempts to depict a world where gender policing is destroyed by and through loving solidarity between trans and gender non-conforming people. In terms of the nature element, I was thinking about bees and how they’re on the endangered species list despite their critical role in our eco system. In our brainstorming conversation, we agreed that we did not want to depict femininity/masculinity as oppositional dualities, and that inspired me to reflect on how bees can simultaneously embody and perform nurturing, pollinating, and protecting.

We have to dramatically change the destructive habits of humans if we are going to live in a world with bees, and similarly we must create a future where the natural survival of transfemininity is guaranteed.

Gender Justice LA

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Gender Justice LA is a grassroots organization that is building the the power of the transgender and gender non-conforming community here in LA. We use community organizing and leadership development to make concrete changes in the lives of all trans people, especially low-income trans people of color.

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