Edxie Betts

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This surreal image displays 3 tGNC folx of color. Centering the image is a black trans femme painting herself, making her own boundaries, demanding that the world STOP to take in what we as trans people are holding with us through time. Used in the image is also sacred geometry because of how it can influence space and emotions to heal from the many points of power it draws from. The image is accompanied by a Black Fat Femme and a gender non-conforming person with a disability in a wheelchair. All symbols in the picture represent freedom, healing & transformation (Butterflies in flight). Protective wishes (shield, drum, dreamcatcher, sacred geometry), and necessary offensive stances when it comes to actively protecting that which we hold as sacred (power fist to represent organizing) – namely our spacetime (the galaxy), collective autonomy (paintbrush), and each other.

TGI Justice Project

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Through art we hope to magnify the idea that we’re with our TGI community inside in spirit; that they are remembered; and all the emotions that go along with that. We also believe that art can help conjure a world of gender self-determination and trans liberation, at the time as it helps us hold close and celebrate the brilliance of our family members and friends who are surviving inside as well as out.

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