Asia-Vinae Palmer

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We Are Here is my way of archiving the love, light, and power in the TGNC communities of New Orleans. I wanted to use last year’s concept “Give us our roses while we’re still here” as a foundation and show the world that we can also flower and love ourselves. And we do, everyday. This is a piece about unapologetic existence is whatever way we chose to grow.


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BreakOUT members responded to the following prompts to brainstorm messages & images for this year’s piece.

What do white folks/queers need to hear?

Think of me as you

We are here to stay

Hear us don’t fear us

What does Caitlyn Jenner need to hear?

Stop playing in my face

Our life is not your reality show

Transitioning is not a mockery or confusion

Don’t brand our lives

What do cisgender / heterosexual folks need to hear?

Leave us alone

We are not criminals. We are here to live life

 What do folks at city hall need to hear?

Our struggle is our reality

Pay me what you owe me

Educate and House us!

You are not the experts on our lives —

The Experts and Trans and Queer Youth!!

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